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Combating Pension Scams 

Our ultimate goal is to no longer be needed...

Pension scams can be damaging to individuals, pension schemes and society generally.  People are tempted by such offers, but many find themselves transferring their benefits to dubious and risky unregulated investment structures or their benefits simply disappear. The pensions industry therefore called for guidance to help share good practice and help reduce the risk of successful scams.  We developed and launched the first Code of Good Practice for use by all in the industry in 2015 and on 22 June 2018, we published Version 2.0.
 I am grateful to the members of the Industry Group and all the other organisations and individuals who freely gave their time to help write and review the Code. 

Margaret Snowdon OBE, Chairman of the Pension Scams Industry Group

Version 2.0 of the Code came into effect on 22 June 2018 and applies to all transfer requests processed on or after that date.

The Code will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure it reflects current risks and good practice.

The Code 

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The Code is maintained by a voluntary industry group made up of representatives of the following organisations...

The Pensions Scams Industry Group

Organisations wishing to show that they have adopted or adapted the Code to help protect consumers 

Adopters of the Code

Organisations that have helped us bring the code to the attention of so many and helped raise awareness of this issue

Welcoming the Code - Our supporters

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