• Alexia Anastasiou

The big moment...

What is more exciting: a skydive above Mission Beach or my first day at KBPR, reflecting on four months in pensions PR.

Heart hammering, adrenaline pumping, dressed and ready... I steel myself for the big moment. Before I know it, I'm in the Monday morning team meeting with my new colleagues. I'm off and away, learning about a whole new world of PR and pensions.

My name is Henrietta, I am KBPR's Junior Account Executive and I have now been part of the team for four months. I have written and issued press releases, dealt with press requests, met clients, attended a client event, been to a NextGen event and enjoyed the CIPR two-day Introduction to PR course. I haven’t been thrown from a plane, but I’ve been thrown in the figurative deep end. The only way to learn they say and I'm learning from an experienced team. Just as when I was strapped to an instructor above Mission Beach, I'm glad to be with the professionals. I’m learning in a fun, fast paced environment where no two days are the same and I’m excited about learning more each day and to contributing to the growth of the agency.

Before joining KBPR I temped for a software developer, worked in Laura Ashley, did valuable work experience in publicity at Penguin Random House and travelled in Australia and South East Asia as well as gaining a degree in photography.

Now I’m extending my reach and knowledge from the world of visual communication to the wider world of written communication in all its forms and I'm delighted to bring my skills and personality into play.