• Alexia Anastasiou

So...what's next?

The question dreaded by almost all post university graduates, but one that seems inescapable. The summer family BBQs and meet ups with old friends leads to the same question, again and again. I was lucky after university in that I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted to do. I knew I couldn’t wait to get started in PR, a career where I felt I could use my degree and be genuinely passionate in my work, but coming out of university where do you start. Keen to put off this shift into the real world, I went on holidays, travelled to visit friends, tried to learn a new language, failed to learn a new language, pretty much anything. Though I was desperate to get stuck into the world of work, I was also somewhat terrified.

The shift from university life into the real adult world is a tricky one. In a matter of weeks, you have to switch from celebrating your new degree with prosecco to trying to navigate the world of speculative letters and interviews. If you have known what you wanted to do your whole life, have done internships galore and have exactly the right connections, then well done, your dream job is waiting by the door. But for the majority, you’re thrown into the deep end, along with thousands of others. Your fellow students are suddenly competitors for jobs and you have to act quick before people start to question your impending future.

For me PR was the goal, and the appeal of a smaller company was obvious, I could be thrown into the action, get my feet on the ground and learn as I go. So, finally starting my search, I scoured the internet for smaller but successful PR companies, where I could learn directly from the best. It was on this search that I found KBPR, and what luck, they were hiring! Going to my interview at KBPR, I was terrified, I knew close to nothing about pensions, other than that I would need one, and before that I would need to actually get the job. Of course, I hoped the interview went ok, I tried to say impressive long words and look professional and apparently it worked! A few days later I received a call to offer me the job and within a week I was starting as a Junior Account Executive at KBPR.

The first week was a bit of world-wind, but with a crash course in the world of pensions and a team of experts sat all around the table I felt I was in good hands. I made myself some cheat sheets for the world of pensions, ranging from basic industry jargon to the right font colour to use. There was a jar of snacks and sweets ready for me to stress eat my way through and I even managed to end the week with some celebratory post drinks with my new-found colleagues. I have a lot more to learn, but I’m already loving the fast-paced constancy of PR and I’m even starting to come around to the debates and arguments within the world of pensions.

It might not be where I thought I’d go, but I can’t wait to see where I end up. Now on to learn some more about auto-enrolment.

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