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Henrietta Richardson

Junior Account Executive

A busy working day at KBPR for Henrietta includes keeping up to date with the latest industry topics and events, handling press requests and releases, and looking after our website and social media. Henrietta joined KBPR as Junior Account Executive in September 2019. Having graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in Photography, she has spent the last six months travelling in Australia and South East Asia. Henrietta sailed off the Whitsundays, embraced a silent Buddhist retreat in rural Thailand and tried to watch the sunrise on a cloudy day at Angkor Watt. Henrietta is now enjoying the exciting challenges presented at KBPR, learning about the world of PR and financial services and is always looking forward to her next cup of tea. Outside work Henrietta enjoys sailing, skiing, exploring the world and trying to capture the odd glimpse of it with her camera.

020 3150 2558

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