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  • KBPR is an excellent partner to our business. They have helped us significantly to raise our profile. They are constructive and full of good suggestions and are always willing to take work off of our desk.

    Richard Butcher, Managing Director, PTL

  • PASA appointed KBPR in 2011, when we formed, to help us share our message and intentions with the industry. Since then KBPR has continued to push PASA forward and our position today is as one of the most respected independent industry bodies in the market. Not only have they created a media platform for us that has been second to none, they also work closely with us on our strategic direction, our brand, our marketing and our events. We see them very much as a trusted advisor. They are diligent, hardworking and full of creative ideas.

    Margaret Snowdon OBE, Chair, PASA

  • I have worked with Kate over the past 12 years and haven’t found her lacking. She is a hard working PR professional (professional, not a PR type) that puts the client first and works hard to keep them there. Unlike many of her peers, she is knowledgeable about her clients and their capabilities, has a proactive approach that is engaging and works like a Trojan to deliver what is required following an enquiry from the press.

    Pádraig Floyd, Freelance financial journalist

  • It’s all about raising your profile when you are a small company. KBPR helped Aries celebrate our 25th anniversary this year – and still there are pensions professionals who haven’t heard how good we are at making sense of all the legislation. That’s why we continue to rely on KBPR to help spread the message. They’re delightful people to work with too.

    Ian Neale, Director, Aries Insight

  • KBPR is a relative newcomer to the pensions scene but already has made its mark.  I have always found the KBPR team to be incredibly helpful and professional.

    Stephanie Hawthorne, freelance journalist and former Editor, Pensions World

  • Professional, reliable, efficient and with a knowledge of the industry that is second to none - it's always a pleasure working with the team who never fail to deliver, whatever the task.

    Francesca Fabrizi, Editor in Chief, European Pensions & Pensions Age

  • I have really enjoyed working with the team at KBPR. Launching a series of new products for institutional audiences the team has been really accommodating working with us on different types of media that perhaps have not been mainstream in pensions press. I feel really lucky to have found a great bunch of PRs who are prepared to work with us and try new things. I look forward to continuing this great relationship.

    Stuart Hall, Director, Pensions Podcast & Pensionstraining.com

  • KBPR has a strong bank of clients, not afraid to express real views rather than carefully worded bland statements. You can always get hold of the team and they are willing to go a long way to help a journalist on deadline.

    Sam Brodbeck, Senior Personal Finance Reporter, The Telegraph

  • Kate has always been willing to go the extra mile for journalists and has a genuine empathy with what we are trying to achieve. She was invariably able to get me in front of the right person, at the right time and with the minimum of fuss.

    Gill Wadsworth, Freelance financial journalist

  • As an editor KBPR are a pleasure to work with. They truly understand what to pitch us as a publication and what not to pitch us (the latter being as vital as the former). They are professional without being pushy.

    Debi O'Donovan, Content Director, Centaur HR

  • KBPR staff are very helpful when it comes to providing access to key speakers in the asset management industry as well as inciting material for our articles. At institutional Investor Intelligence, we proud ourselves in producing analytical articles and KBPR is always ready to provide the necessary tools to make our reporters’ lives easier so that we’re able to write excellent content for our subscribers.

    Venilia Batista Amorim, Investments Editor, Institutional Investor Intelligence

  • A good profile is paramount in the pensions industry. If you want to establish your brand or grow your business, then you need to have a constant, credible and well-respected media presence. KBPR have been expertly supporting Trafalgar House in reinforcing and promoting our status as market leaders for the past two years. Leveraging their market contacts, reach and creative ideas, they are helping us to strengthen and promote our brand through media channels and marketing activities. We always find the team honest, informed, motivated and fun to work with. KBPR should be a part of any successful sales and marketing plan.

    Daniel Taylor, Director, Trafalgar House

  • "We have found working with KBPR an extremely rewarding experience. Not only are they proactive, the whole team are very pleasant to deal with and fully understand our business."

    Phil Farrell, Partner at Quantum Advisory

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